Welcome to my cash site. This site will go into detail on the cash I receive every month, and how I manage and budget my finances. This site will be divided into BillsExpensesFAQ, and Income. With this division among my site, it will be easier to follow along, and know what I am doing.

Bills are debts that I receive a notice to pay every month. Examples of these will be Rent, Hosting, and Phone. In most cases, my bills are automatically drawn on a credit card which I then pay the credit card on the 15th and 30th. By doing this, no company has direct access to my checking account, and if there was any discrepancy, it can be addressed without me being in the desperate situation that I might be with using my checking account.

Expenses are charges that I do not have to pay, but simply won’t have access to the product or service. A big example of this will be food/groceries. If I don’t buy food, there will be no collections, or impact on my standing with the company. I just won’t eat. Needless to say, an expense can be as important as a bill, but again – if not paid for, I just don’t have the access.

FAQ will be questions I either think will make sense to go here, or someone may have asked that is relevant to this site. FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions.

Income as the name implies is money I receive every month. I only count my stable sources of income which includes my SSI benefits, DPA benefits, and SNAP (food stamps). If someone owes me money, I don’t count that as it is not guaranteed to have that money.

With all of this said, my income is $935. My bills are $445, and my expenses are $350. All together, I have a net spending of $140. This is after all of my bills and expenses are paid for.