I have multiple lines with multiple providers – each serving a particular role. The order below is alphabetical with this page intended to reduce the number of pages in this section. The total for service is $95 which is high, but I am looking into reducing services. The carriers and roles are as follows.


Callcentric is my international number provider. This company provides my South African number, and my UK number. Both numbers are set to ring a particular extension in my account, and both ring on my primary cellular phone.


Cricket is not technically a telephone number service as I can’t make nor receive calls through the number they give, but this service is for my data connection on my tablet. This is important as my tablet uses apps not available on my phone.


Localphone is intended as a SIP only phone number. This account is setup with my legacy phone. Any unknown caller calling my Google Voice number will ring this phone number. This is done so I could just shut off my Wifi phone and therefore prevent unknown callers from bothering me.


Ooma is my home phone line. This was chosen initially because my cellular service at the time didn’t have unlimited calling. When I upgraded my phone service, I decided to keep this phone line. Right now, doctors and other very important callers will ring this phone in addition to my cellular phone.


Visible is my primary cellular service. It is the number that rings when most of my contacts rings my phone. Since this number goes with me everywhere I go, it is also likely that I will make outgoing calls from this number.