Why is Telephone Expensive?

The simple answer is I have multiple lines. The highest budgeted line is my Visible Service which I budget $40, but normally only pay $25. This is because of Party Pay. The next culprit is my data service for my tablet. This line is $35, and provides data only service with SMS capability. The next culprit is my home phone service.

I have eliminated my eFax service and moved my fax line to my Ooma service. This will not raise my Ooma since my service includes 2 telephone numbers with the plan. One is used for fax, and the other is used for voice. I just needed to acquire a special ATA for the fax line which was done shortly after moving to my new appointment.

I also have two international numbers for any international friends to be able to call. Each number is $6 for unlimited incoming calls.

All that being said, I am not paying for one telephone number, but multiple telephone numbers. On average, each line is about $16/line. However, some phone numbers are cheaper than the average.