SSI is Supplemental Security Income. This is a program from Social Security to provide a source of income for people that did not work enough to qualify for Disability. If you are considered as temporary disabled, then you will have to go through an exam every couple of years. If you are considered as permanently disabled, you can be confident that you will not have to go through an exam.

With SSI, there is a cap on bank/stock assets. One can not have more than $2000 in such assets with the exception of Able Accounts. In the case of Able Accounts, the cap is $100,000. However, Able Accounts have their own set of rules and restrictions.

You are required to report any income you receive in excess of $50. Exceptions to this will be money you may have lent to another person, or settlements with Social Security. If you do not report changes, it will be considered a crime, and you can face prison terms for defrauding the government.

For SSI benefits, I receive a total of $794.00 for my benefits, This is a significant bulk of my benefits and the most important of my income.